The Laying On of Hands
Video animation (no sound) included in the solo exhibition The Laying On of Hands at Project: ARTspace in Manhattan in 2018. This is a second collaborative project with Lianne Arnold.

The World Contained II
The construct for this body of work is shipping containers, investigating not only their significance in trade for our global economy, but also for their use as permanent low-cost housing; their siting as temporary housing in tent-cities or as vessels for risky voyages/passages to freedom. The full body of work about containers encompasses prints, collages, sculpture and this animation/sound piece. The video is a collaboration between myself, designer Lianne Arnold and sound designer Elisheba Ittoop.

The animation has been screened at CounterPointe 5 produced by Norte Maar for Collaborative Projects in the Arts and reviewed in Two Coats of Paint. as well as for a commission at BRIC Arts | Media gallery, projected in a large scale (3-projector) format across 17 x 57 feet on the gallery's "garage doors."

The World Contained II | Performance with XAOC Contemporary Ballet
A collaborative piece between artist Leslie Kerby and XAOC Contemporary Ballet who choreographed a dance to the animation for Norte Maar's Counter Pointe 5 program

A Twitter Diary
In 2012 it appeared that Twitter might become a more important means of communication. Interested in this shift of communicating and developing relationships with one another through 140 characters, I wrote this diary (produced both as a video and printed book), considering what a person might be tweeting about in their 60's under the hashtag #vitalsigns60+ and in their 80's under the hashtag #elderhaus.
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